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Let us help you grow your audience and revenues by reusing your pictures in the Patboy Cardgame.




Patcards are one of a kind!

Patcards are unique as there is no other game offering Instagram models their own Gamecard which they can monetize.  Once you have this Card you will have a unique items that you can offer to your followers to get them more engaged. As they feel they have something that is really close to you.

Patcards also work like a linkpage!

Once you a Patcard which reached a volume of 10.000 Patcoins in the game your patcards will become accessible online on your own domain Showing all your personal links and ingame statistics. Your links and information will not only be shared in our app but will be publicly accessible. You will be able to update and change your links, update pictures and information on your card, view your revenues, configure your monetization program and much more.

Patcard will make you earn money!

By owning a patcard you will have a rare commodity built on the bitcoin network that will grow in value as the game progresses and evolves. The Patcard will grow together with you as your fame grows the Patcard will grow in value because of the supply and demand in Patboy Card Game.
Patboy offers different revenue options for models that own a Patcard. A business Case manager will contact you once your Patcard has reached a volume of 10.000 Patcoins to start your preferred monetization program which needs to be signed and authorized by you.

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