Turn your Instagram identity into a Profitable collectors item
Launching Patcards Platform Soon!



The only Link You’ Ever Need

Connect audiences to all of your content with just one link. This means that your personal audience can also use your Patcard in order to find your links or pay for additional services you offer. 

Embark in the Fastest Growing  Community

The Game Industry is Booming but has little space (yet) for beautiful Babes that have much to offer. The Patboy Platform offers a unique hybrid game which involves real women on social media in a real card trading where players can earn real money on the blockchain.

Seamless Integration with Instagram to reuse your pictures

You will have no effort in updating your Patcard with new images as you can directly forward your Instagram images to refresh your Patcard.


become more famous while you sleep

Patcards are currently being traded with dummy money but the real currency update is ready to go once we have 1000 authorized Patcards!

Earn 10% Revenue each time a cards get’s traded

When you have a Patcard the Player that uses your Card in the game will try to get you profits. From each transaction of your Patcard you will earn 10% Revenue.

Enter the Crypto Market with your unique Patcard

Your Patcard is built on the Blockchain and holds an unique digital signature which is called an NFT. When you have a Patcard Players invest money in you card in order to make revenue. But you own the main price, you own the money that is deposited in the Patcard in cryptocurrency.

Models that Authorized their Patcard